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Danni Rais

Instead of sitting around and blaming others for the nation’s problems, Danni Rais took the extra step by co-founding the Organisation for National Empowerment (ONE). “ONE is a youth nation-building NGO targeted at providing the right platform for youths to feel involved and to participate in activities that are inclined towards nation building,” he explains, noting that they are publishing articles contributed by youths who wish to contribute their thoughts and ideas for nation building. “To be honest, it really has been an eventful 2017 for ONE so far. Plenty has been done but there is still much to do.” Being a Malaysian to Danni is about upholding the values of the past and pushing the boundaries for the future. “It's everything that we have now that we cannot afford to lose, such as the positive traits we all share as Malaysians, the diversity we enjoy, the respect we have for those of different beliefs or cultures, and always uniting as Malaysians.” Although many are optimistic about the future, there are those who will require extra encouragement to maintain their enthusiasm. “We cannot blame them as we all have day jobs and bills to pay. Nonetheless, working with youths is always a great pleasure.”