Garvy Beh

Garvy Beh

BP Healthcare Group

As the youngest son of Dato’ Beh Chun Chuan, founder of BP Healthcare, Garvy disputes the idea that he had never found the need to work hard when growing up. “There is nothing to compare. I just have to do my best and be myself; to excel in the business world and sport.”

At the age of 21, the ambitious Garvy took up the challenge to start his own mobile application, Doctor2U. “BP Healthcare Group’s core business is in primary and secondary healthcare. Doctor2U is not just a house call service but it actually draws on the existing support system provided by the parent company,” he explains, further elaborating that in every business, it is important to create a new business model despite the risk.

But what made him bring back the old school house call and combine it with mobile technology? “At BP Healthcare Group, we have to constantly innovate to stay ahead because in this modern era, consumer expectations are high. Thus, by combining our core brick-and-mortar business and using technology to deliver it as a whole, it will give a more viable product and much richer customer experience.”

To further enhance its customers’ experience, Garvy recently added a new feature to Doctor2U, live chat, whereby customers can consult a doctor for free. “We look forward to releasing more innovative features like this to improve the convenience and quality of care for our customers,” he notes.