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Peggy Lim

Coming from a family with a business to restore and recommend the Ipoh heritage to the country, and eventually, the world, it does not necessarily mean it was an easy feat for Peggy Lim when she first returned from her studies in Australia. During her first year in KL, she was burdened with self-doubt, constantly questioning herself whether coming home to serve the family interest is indeed what she wants to do for the rest of her life. However, love triumphs at the end of the day when it comes to her affections for her hometown, Ipoh. Today, Peggy assumes her role as general manager of Lim Ko Pi, chartering a path for the brand’s iconic old-school vibes in modern times, and expanding the company, not just in terms of partnerships, but also in retail to immortalise the brand as a household name, much like the heritage of Ipoh itself. “There must be a higher purpose to my work, it is what keeps me going every day,” says Peggy, who is part of the team behind the Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay, an accommodation and event space that has enjoyed coverage on CNN Travel and Silverkris. “Knowing that I’m contributing to a bigger intention for the future, inspires me to push boundaries for the company.”