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Ivanna Salehudin

A former investment analyst, Ivanna Salehudin ventured into the field of medtech startup when she joined the board of directors at Nova Satra Dx in 2016. Though funding has always been a challenge for most startups, Ivanna reveals that the investment scene in Asia, with a few notable exceptions, has in the past been reluctant to engage with medtech startups as long product development timelines are often cited as a deterrence. It’s been a good year for her Singapore-based molecular diagnostics startup as it recently secured US$2 million in funding from Genting Bio Cellular Sdn Bhd (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genting Group). The funds will be utilised to pay for the regulatory approval and commercialisation of its lead test, a non-invasive blood-based diagnostic test for breast cancer. “One of the fundamental aims for any medtech sector is to develop technologies that are not only transformative, but physically and financially accessible for everyone. We aim to bring patients, who are often not undergoing any form of screening, into screening participation programmes, with highly accurate non-invasive tests, thereby potentially saving lives through early detection of cancer,” Ivanna explains. When it comes to her work philosophy, Ivanna believes in learning and accepting her mistakes for future improvements. “Don’t be afraid to take risks and always look over things twice over,” she advises.