Jason Choong

Jason Choong

Co-founder, Flycycle

Flycycle is Kuala Lumpur’s answer to SoulCycle, the fitness craze that took the world by storm. Following the lead of young entrepreneurs, co-founder Jason spotted a gap in the market and took the opportunity to enrol in every spin class offered around the globe. “There are boutique gyms offering all forms of high-intensity group training on a pay-perclass basis but nothing is as intense, motivating or rewarding as indoor cycling,” says the budding entrepreneur, who is determined to change the public’s perception of fitness.

More than just a spin class, Flycycle offers a full-body workout on a bike, incorporating elements of cardio, weight and fun choreography alongside curated playlists. By introducing a series of pay-as-you-train packages, Flycycle aims to encourage community building while transforming fitness into a lifestyle.

The tenacious entrepreneur believes that the business is only as strong as its leader and it is an arduous journey that demands immeasurable commitment and dedication. “As a new business, it is also important to adapt and listen to your customers, what may work abroad may not work here, and we must be flexible enough to constantly change,” Jason advises.

As a fitness enthusiast, Jason confesses that a six-pack is still on his list of achievements, though his ultimate long-term goal is to live a healthier and longer life. On his career front, Jason has also started a boutique property development company, Palm Gardens Sdn Bhd, which aims to launch affordable luxurious semi-detached homes and apartments in Kuala Lumpur by year-end.