John-Ian Oei

John-Ian Oei


As John-Ian’s biggest role models, his parents, inspired him to start his own business. “I didn’t want to just start any business; I wanted a business that would make the world a better place,” he explains his reason in starting a business that deals with waste management.

“Starting Microbs half a year ago with my brother was definitely one of the hardest things that I have done and I’m so proud to be where it is right now,” he shares. However, being in a unique industry, the biggest challenge is educating the people. “In general, business owners are unaware that there are more efficient ways to dispose of waste, and some are ignorant about the proper way for waste disposal,” he says, pointing out that it should not be a dirty job if it is done right.

This year, Microbs is working on some agreements and forming partnerships with other companies that will enhance the quality of its service and to expand its target market. Looking back, John-Ian mentions that he would have done things more purposefully. “As I get older, I realised that time is the most important thing and what I do with it is important.”