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Tengku Munazirah Shah

According to Tengku Munazirah Shah, The Hope Factory (THF) was conceptualised after the news of her late mother being diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer. “I immediately flew back from Singapore to be closer to her. During that grief period, people would share heart-breaking tales of critically ill patients who can’t afford treatments due to poverty. The stories kindled a light in me to create a community piggy bank for those in need.” A cause-related business that supports the non-profits, THF also works closely with Astute to raise awareness on addiction. “I personally believe that prevention is better than treatment. By spreading the message of what addiction does, it creates a ripple effect and hopefully it reaches to as many ears as possible,” she explains, adding that in the long run, THF will have programmes and activities designed for addicts to help them get back on their own feet. “We want to give them a second chance in life and something to focus on instead. Who knows, perhaps the addict-in-recovery will transform into a successful icon one day?” Eventually, Tengku Munazirah aims to influence and advocate youths especially to make a social stand in the causes they are passionate about. Interestingly, there are many who would like to share exciting ideas on sustainable projects but lack the know-how. “This is where I would like to come in and hopefully to be remembered as a game changer in solving social issues in Malaysia.”