Lim Ai Chiin

Lim Ai Chiin


A strong proponent of individuality, Ai Chiin is a former scientific researcher turned fashion entrepreneur, who introduced Cuevolution with the aim of showcasing exciting designers from around the world to the Malaysian market. A firm believer that style is constantly evolving, Ai Chiin has also collaborated with local designers to offer unique pieces exclusive to Cuevolution.

What initially began as an online retail store has now grown into a full-fledged brick-and-mortar business as Cuevolution adds names such as Cristina Sabaiduc, Rory Hutton and Moto Guo to its list of renowned designers. “At Cuevolution, we celebrate individuality and hope that trendsetters will continuously create and evolve their sense of style through the designers we have introduced in-store. There are many amazing labels with good-quality workmanship and we hope to contribute by raising more awareness on these emerging local and international talents,” says Ai Chiin.

With an astute eye for detail, Ai Chiin professes that their biggest challenge is going through a tireless process of storytelling in order to introduce the concept to a niche market. “We are still in our infancy and the key is to remain positive, be open to ideas and adapt to the challenges we encounter,” she says. Learning from the past and moving forward with time are also key qualities she attributes her success to.