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Dahlia Nadirah

It’s been a buzzing year for the local cosmetics industry and Dahlia Nadirah aims to bring her cosmetics brand So.lek, which she co-founded with her brother, to new heights. “When people think about Malaysian cosmetics or Malaysian-made product, the first thing that should come to their mind should be the word So.lek. That is my vision for the brand,” says the nascent entrepreneur who aims to change the public’s perception when it comes to locally made products. So.lek was conceived last October when Dahlia returned home from a trip to New York City and was inspired to establish her own affordable, locally made cosmetics brand without compromising on quality. Since then, So.lek’s bestselling range of lip creams has grown to include an extensive range of blusher cushions, BB cushions, mascaras and eyeliners. Stiff competition among other rising local cosmetics brand remains a challenge, but Dahlia says it keeps them on their toes as they ensure that the quality of their products do not waver. The other challenge they are currently facing is the long production process as they struggle to keep up with the demand. “There are days where I would end up crying and wanting to give it all up, but I take a day at a time. Every day is a new day so my advice is to never ever give up. Don’t think too much, just take that step forward and do it.”