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Stephanie Looi

“Never just do what you love, learn to love what you do as well. But more importantly, have patience.” These are just a few wise words from Stephanie Looi who has over 10 years of experience in advertising and media. “Although digital marketing is not something I’m passionate about, it was an area I thrived in, thus naturally becoming my strength. I’ve learnt to love the idea of marrying creativity with innovation and executing it. It has become part of me.” Having said that, being a working mother makes juggling a busy schedule while raising a healthy family extra challenging. To that, Stephanie left the industry to embrace a new lifestyle. “PurelyB is more of a self-development project. Currently, I’m in the midst of getting myself certified as a child sleep coach, which was inspired by my research to solve my baby’s sleeping problem. And looking at how our experts have helped so many individuals, I too want to assist others by coaching parents with children who don’t sleep well.” Particularly, being with a community that is so passionate about health and wellness, everything becomes a description of her very essence and the values that she holds dear to her heart. “Despite running PurelyB as my main business, I still have a digital consultancy agency on the side. It’s stimulating.”