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Raja Hamzah Abidin

Armed with an aim to place Malaysian startups on the world map, Raja Hamzah Abidin believes that business practices and business models that have been successfully implemented overseas can be leveraged locally in Malaysia as well. The co-founder of RHL Ventures brings his vast experience in various investment roles to advise companies and startups in Malaysia and ASEAN. As the burgeoning startup scene continues to evolve, more foreign investments have turned their interest to reach out to companies in Southeast Asia. According to Hamzah, the range of support RHL Ventures extends to startups varies as some companies only require cash, while others are seeking to increase new channels and require access to networks and corporations. Hamzah also currently serves as the head of business development of Rasma Corporation, where he takes on the role of building and developing partnerships with government-linked companies, listed and private corporates and local authorities.