Rashvin Pal Singh

Rashvin Pal Singh

Biji-Biji Initiative

Social entrepreneurship has been the buzzword for the past few years. At the forefront locally is Biji-Biji Initiative. Co- founder Rashvin Pal Singh was an accounting and finance professional with PwC Malaysia. What he learned there was that we had all the technology, capital and talent to solve all of the world’s challenges. “The only thing we were lacking was individual, organisational and political will. It was then I decided, to no longer be a part of the problem and to start being a part of the solution,” says Rashvin.

The solution came in the form of Biji-Biji Initiative, which started out as a project that made products from waste materials back in late 2012. Today, however, it has grown to encompass several industries, including sustainability, technology, fashion, fabrication and education. His hope for Biji- Biji Initiative is to inspire the consumerist society to be accountable for the waste it generates. “We live in a world that is much more connected that we realise. A piece of plastic thrown off the waters in Malaysia might end up in the shores of Australia or Africa, vice-versa,” he says.

Rashvin’s steadfastness in creating change has left an indelible mark on others who boast the same aspiration. “The most memorable moment was when I met this young student, whom I had met briefly after giving a talk in Penang. He told me a year later that after that talk, he decided to leave his office job to start his own impact enterprise. I was completely humbled and impressed by the will power of this student.”


 Rashvin Pal Singh is wearing Hublot Big Bang Ceramic Blue