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Joanne Kua

Growing up, Joanne Kua admits that her father Tan Sri Dato' Paduka Kua Sian Kooi’s success had somewhat influenced her education and career choices as a young adult. “I held several roles with Munich Reinsurance and Deutsche Bank, London. There, I gained a wider insight into building a solid foundation on business and risk management.” After 10 years abroad, Joanne returned to Malaysia to fulfil her duty as a responsible citizen. “That, and the booming Asian market was more alluring than the gloomy European economy,” Joanne punctuates. She was appointed as group CEO of KSK Group Bhd in 2012, and subsequently managing director of KSK Land a year later. “As a young executive heading a group like KSK, I have a lot more to prove to my internal and external stakeholders. Hence, I strive to be extra hands-on with all our business operations and be fully prepared for every meeting I attend or chair. In time, people will respect my work, and in turn, me.” Additionally, innovation is highly valued at KSK. “I believe when the team is passionate about contributing new ideas and seeing them materialise, it gives them a sense of belonging and something to be proud of.” Notably, she adds that the said principle is proudly incorporated into KSK’s maiden development 8 Conlay, which is a collaborative effort between KSK, Kempinski, YOO and Hud Bakar.