Ryan Loo

Ryan Loo

Container Hotel

Even when Ryan was only seven, he knew he was going to be a builder. “I find joy in building. Even today, I still love the idea of creating value, building things from sketch and unlocking their full potential,” he says.

He revealed that at first he thought his passion was to become a developer, but after his first development project, he knew that it was not for him. Then, the idea to build a sustainable piece of art that can be appreciated by all and still generating a recurring income dawned upon him. “It prompted my exploration from an engineering background to become a hotelier. And that’s how Container Hotel’s journey started.”

However, the project did not run as smoothly as Ryan would have anticipated. “The idea seems simple but being the first construction that recycles shipping containers, gaining acceptance from authorities and public was the biggest challenge,” Ryan admits. Obstacle by obstacle, Ryan persevered and built the first Container Hotel in Malaysia.

His advice on becoming a successful entrepreneur? The ability to fail and rise again. “The reason why I’m here today is not because I’ve never failed before; it is because, every time I fall, I stand back up and try again.” Currently, Ryan is working on his latest venture, Mushroom. “Mushroom is our brainchild that we have incubated for the past three years. It is a modular accommodation pod that focuses on outdoor living. Our vision for Mushroom is to get urbanites to go out to the wild and explore nature.”