Shahid Shayaa

Shahid Shayaa

Berkshire Media

A self-taught programmer at the age of 15, Shahid has always been passionate about transforming the media and communications landscape through data science and big data techniques. Presently the proud founder of Berkshire Media, a fast-growing social analytics and communications specialist firm, Shahid now advises top leadership and senior executives of publicly traded companies and the public sector on strategic communications.

Notably, his uncanny ability to turn data into valuable insights along with his hands-on approach to issue management and strategic communications, Shahid has managed to shape Berkshire Media into a data-driven digital communications agency that can change the world. “Currently I’m working to grow Berkshire Media beyond Malaysia. There is a strong demand for social analytics services from companies in Thailand, Kazakhstan and Tanzania to measure consumer trends and behaviours through social media data,” he reveals.

Excited about what technology will advance to in the future, if Shahid could time travel, he would like to be in the year 2040. “I want to experience the seamless digital connectivity that affects our daily lives. Imagine driverless cars, personalised online concierge to attend to your personal needs, and virtual reality social engagement,” and on it goes, his vision of a digital future.