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Patrick Tee

A pioneer in water and wastewater engineering, Salcon Bhd is recognised for its technical capabilities and notable track record in the industry. Having seen the company grow steadily over the course, Patrick Tee knows success is not given but earned. “Since young, I have been drummed on the importance of integrity, hard work, humility and persistence. In some way, I am who I am today due to those values.” As the next generation shouldered with the responsibility to lead and grow the company, Patrick’s role in business development entails him to be forward thinking. “I see the need to diversify our earnings portfolio to give better value to our shareholders in the long run. As such, we started investing in property development and this is an area which I am passionate about and where I am very much involved in.” Apart from that, Patrick and the company are exploring a variety of industries to safeguard Salcon’s corporate sustainability. Nevertheless, to drive and grow a business, it requires accepting a certain amount of risk. However, the constantly evolving market means Patrick has to make bold decisions to keep up. “As with any business, the changing environment poses distinct opportunities and challenges. It is my duty to realistically determine and create long-term strategies and plans to bring Salcon to the next level.”