Sylvia Yin

Sylvia Yin


It all started with a pair of skinny jeans she saw on Instagram; it was love at first sight and Sylvia was determined to get her hands on it. However, after wasting hours hunting for it, she was still unable to find a comparable pair. Her frustration led her to the basis of Shoppr, an online store aggregator app that gives users clothing recommendations, which was developed in 2013.

In 2014, Shoppr moved away from that initial direction and has now become a platform for fashion lovers to share their style, influence thousands of other fashionistas and get inspired by fashion around them. “I’m currently working on the full roll-out of Shoppr’s rewards system, which we call the Shoppr Squad Perks Programme. I’m very excited about this because nowhere else but on Shoppr do you get to shop, earn points and redeem across the 3,000-plus brands we carry,” Sylvia shares. Apart from Shoppr, her second passion is yoga and she is working towards earning her teaching certificate.

So what is her philosophy when it comes to accomplishing a goal? “Many a time, our resistance comes from what the mind projects, which is not necessarily the reality. Practise mindfulness in everything you do, so when the moment calls, you are able to discern the fiction from truth,” she replies.