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Jo Jo Kong

When it comes to strategic investments, Jo Jo Kong has always been at the top of the game. Having cut her teeth at Nirvana Asia where she oversaw the company’s regional expansion plans and operations in Malaysia, China and Singapore, Jo Jo is the latest partner to join RHL Ventures, a venture capital firm. Although RHL Ventures is sector agnostic, Jo Jo shares that the development of fintech has recently caught her interest and this includes insuretech, payment systems, lending or mortgage platforms and blockchain for other purposes. “With two billion unbanked population in the world and a huge chunk of them coming from Southeast Asia, this is where the potential for growth lies,” she says. Her single most important criterion when it comes to investing in a business is to always ensure sufficient cash flow. She believes that in the long run, cash is what matters the most as a business with profit but poorly managed cash flow can still go bust. “The theory cash is king still applies in this industry, which is the reason why startups raise capital all the time. It is an enabler, it opens up opportunities, enables growth and holding power,” she adds.