Brand Development Manager, Platform Hospitality Group

Upon relocating from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur five years ago, Tay Hui Ying and her husband seized the opportunity to introduce a new F&B concept which revolved around good design, good service and good food. As part of the pioneering team behind Platform Hospitality Group, Hui Ying merged her past experiences in the hospitality industry with the wealth of exposure she gained from her frequent travels abroad to create a strong brand narrative that connects with their customers visually, experientially and emotionally. “I keep in mind to always consider the big picture and its long-term effect with every action and strategy. When working on brand development and marketing, it is often easy to be influenced by new successful trends, ideas and gimmicks,” she says.
It was the success of their first F&B outlet Botanica+Co which propelled the group to rapidly expand their footprint in the dining scene, replicating the same recipe across their seven outlets which boast distinctive dining concepts. As the group looked into creating several concepts within Alila
Bangsar (Entier, Pacific Standard Bar, The Lido), Hui Ying aims to push the boundaries of F&B in Malaysia in the hopes of putting the country on the map alongside top culinarians and luminaries of the region.
“You definitely have to keep a continuous interest in many aspects of lifestyle. Even with the daily demands of work and family, it is still highly important to go out there yourself and experience the latest dining spots, browse the latest seasons in shops, travel, flip a magazine or just go online,” she says when it comes to staying relevant.
Hui Ying is wearing the HUBLOT Spirit of Big Bang Moonphase King Gold White Pave