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Ung Yiu Lin

What started off as a little boutique in Bangsar selling top-quality shoes, over the last 10 years, Ung Yiu Lin, entrepreneur and creator of ShoesShoesShoes has expanded into a multi-label fashion platform, carrying various international, regional and local brands under its roof, giving customers a more wholesome retail therapy. “Business is not without its unpredictability, and many times you will want to throw in the towel, or question your business fundamentals. That’s when tenacity comes in – the ability to be steadfast in your outlook, and to pull through the tough times,” Yiu Lin says, when speaking about keeping the company relevant and thriving even after 10 years. Today, ShoesShoesShoes has also stood out on its sturdy heels to support the next generation of local brands and talents, helping them financially in terms of sampling, public relations and marketing, as well as productions and operations. Local fashion designer Afiq M is the first to receive such a comprehensive support. “The key goal for the brand is to grow its sales channels, and expand the brand’s potential to beyond just one collection a year, and to go regional too. We have already started things off by selling the Spring/Summer 2018 collection through Zalora – the first attempt ever for a Malaysian designer brand, and will continue likewise in Hong Kong and Taiwan.”