Tengku Uzzaam Uzzairi

Tengku Uzzaam Uzzairi

Not one to shy away from his past, Tengku Uzzaam Uzzairi is one of the brave few who are vocal about overcoming their own addiction. “People seem to assume that there
is a cure to everything including addiction, but there isn’t. Just like diabetes, it is a chronic brain-relapsing disease, which fortunately can be managed and arrested.”

Prior to founding Astute, Tengku Uzzaam witnessed the adverse effects of addiction on society first-hand and knew he needed to reach out. With numerous therapies followed by encouragement, his path to recovery was tedious yet not impossible. “The main challenge is the stigma surrounding addiction. The general public needs to be more  understanding and forgiving towards addicts because most didn’t choose to be this way. This is not a moral issue. No addict wants to ever be an addict!”

As the proud father to the soon-to-be oneyear-old Tengku Umar Xander Shah, Uzzaam admits his happiness was made possible because he was not ashamed to ask for help. “Through Astute, I hope to make the treatment accessible as well as help clients and their families understand the disease better.” Apart from the clinic, he is actively involved in various charities and continues to work with organisations that share his sense of social responsibility.