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Mark Koh

Even though Supahands is a relatively young company, it has already gone down uncharted terrains to inspire and support the growing entrepreneur ecosystem, by outsourcing skilled talents and professionals that specialise in content moderation for high-growth startups and corporations. “To build a large global and purposeful organisation, we, as entrepreneurs, need to dream and to actually live out our dreams in our minds,” says CEO and Co-Founder of Supahands Mark Koh, who constantly maintains a high level of energy and enthusiasm to drive growth in business and life. “The visualisation is key in helping us chart that course and keep us persevering.” For Mark, not only are all hands on deck over in Supahands, where they are developing more of the nitty gritty bit to help achieve their vision, such as workforce management solutions and routing algorithms to assign agents to tasks, he is also involved with local clothing brand Pestle & Mortar Clothing and the multi-brand streetwear platform – all of which Mark hopes to take to a regional, and perhaps, even a global level. Being an avid cyclist, skier and scuba diver himself, who has recently taken up surfing and yachting, Mark has included in his bucket list to dive in the Galapagos, sail to the Maldives, and climb up the Everest base camp.