6 luxe dining sets to flaunt your Raya spread in all its glory
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Create your perfect sanctuary that you can relax and feast in style with these luxe dining sets from Rozel.
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Nothing says a scrumptious feast than a Raya spread on a luxe dining set.

‘Home is where the heart is’ is a phrase we hear quite often but how many of us are actually able to live in that moment? We’re living a life that’s in a much faster pace than before; making ‘work life balance’ even harder to accomplish. Adding on top of that is the pandemic, which definitely made a dent in our everyday routine. Now our priorities have been shifted, one of them includes creating a peaceful sanctuary or an escape, that we can proudly call home.

As we’re spending more time indoors than out, a comfortable and well-equipped home is crucial. Furniture is crucial when it comes to creating space that you want to come home to. And when it comes to choosing solid wood furniture, it exudes a sense of natural yet subtle warmth — evoking a sense of peace and cosiness in the space. Luxury furniture brand, Rozel understands the concept of creating a home like this. Thus, the expansion of the Khayu collection.

The new Khayu collection introduces the addition of a coffee table, bench, console table and dining table. Each still carries the same style as its original pieces. The collection pieces are made of different types of wood, which include ash wood, oakwood, walnut and more. These are also combined with luxurious materials such as marble, tempered glass and stainless steel, each paired with inventive shapes and silhouettes to create a combination that is stylish and contemporary with aesthetics that would fit right at home.

As for the upcoming Raya season, stay home and choose to dine-in instead. It is (and will always be) the best time to showoff your cooking skills too. Whether to indulge or impress, why not feast on your Raya spread on one of these six dining sets from the Khayu collection. Did we also mention that these are Instagram-worthy?

Swipe through the gallery to view the luxe dining sets from Rozel Khayu collection. Visit Rozel for more information.