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How to keep the kids busy at home

Parenting in a pandemic hasn’t been easy and with the stay-at-home orders in effect every now and then, moms and dads are sometimes at their wits end managing e-learning, meal requests and boredom while also juggling work.

If you want a happy child at home, do the little things that will keep them in a good mood and feeling accomplished. Get them to help you with chores like doing the dishes, wiping down the table after meals or loading the washing machine. You could also bake together, collaborate on a feature wall or get them to help you rearrange your little library.

This is where the Alta stool comes in handy. Touted as Asia’s first learning tower by children’s premium designer furniture brand Lou Lou James, this piece of furniture is built using the Montessori approach to encourage kids to do real-world chores from an early age. Parents can now feel less guilty about getting their children to do chores, because truly they’re doing their children a favour by helping them develop useful skills and encouraging independence.

The Monster Mash collection of Alta stools are carefully created by a 60-year-old passionate “pigment mixologist” to reflect your smooth and creamy favourite ice cream.

According to Esty James, founder of the Lou Lou James, keeping children busy is more than just getting them off our backs but as parents, we’re actually building their self-esteem and confidence when we enable them to complete tasks at just the right level of challenge. This is more crucial than ever, given that now pre-schools aren’t open and learning has gone virtual.

“A lot of children now are stuck at home with their parents, leading to families having to adjust their routines and come up with various activities to make sure that their children stay engaged. From doing fun arts and crafts activities to placing silverware in the dishwasher and brushing their own teeth, children thrive when they can practice their life skills,” she adds.

The Alta stool can help to elevate toddlers to the desired level to work on chores, thanks to its adjustable feature. Child safety is a priority, and to prevent kids from falling off, the side support with varying levels is a standout feature compared to other kids step stool you can find in the market. Having said that, parental supervision is still necessary when stool is in use. It is safe to be used by children from as early as 18 months old and right up to about 7, depending on the size and height of the child.

The icing on the cake? How stylish this functional stool is. With Esty’s background as a creative brand director for an interior styling company, her knack for picking the right design, colour and style extends to Lou Lou James, a venture she started in March last year. As a mother of two herself, she wanted to create a furniture platform for young parents to get sleek, stylish and functional fixtures and collectibles for their children.

This Alta Lux solid wood stool comes with 3-steps adjustable height feature.

“The Alta is more than just another piece of furniture. It serves as a tool to create memories and build bonds between parents and child, and it encourages independent learning, and daily discipline order. Having the Alta at home has been a massive help to me and it’s enjoyed by my children too,” she adds.

We love the variety of Alta stools by Lou Lou James, from Monster Mash’s 5 delicious shades of fun colours to the newer selections made from engineered wood (MDF) and features redeveloped steps’ insert grooves. These improved designs are made with great care and detail to prevent wood shrinkage or expansion due to heat and moisture. We also love how the wider lower level is fixed, allowing the child in to climb in and out with ease.

Besides the Alta, we also have our eyes on the Cama cozy divans for children and essentially everything else – like the child-friendly kitchen utensils, pouffe cushions, in-house apparel production, and a colourful flashcard set from the Mini School collection.

Check out the Alta and other Lou Lou James gems here

Dian Pasquinal Kaur

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