The first supercar to hail from Spain has made its way to Asia, using Singapore as its base. This is the GTA Spano of Spania GTA, touted to be the fastest, most powerful commercial automobile ever built in Spain. And with only 99 units worldwide, this handcrafted speed demon is also one that collectors will indeed be vying for. 

In Singapore, the marque has entered into a partnership with EuroSports Global. “Singapore is a good market for us. Even though we know the taxes are very high, we know customers are looking for something totally different. And the GTA Spano is very exclusive. We’re only making 99 units of this car, with each one coming in a completely different colour combination, which will make it even more exclusive,” Domingo Ochoa, founder of Spania GTA, shares. 

Built with its own V10 twin-turbo eight-litre engine, the GTA Spano is expected to run with almost 925bhp and 1,220Nm of torque. With a seven-speed gearbox, going from naught to 100km/h is done in under three seconds, while boasting a top speed of over 370km/h. 

What sets this roadster apart from its competitors is “passion and technology,” says Ochoa. “We have a car with a lot of technology inside it. We’re the first car in the world to have innovative components, such as a carbon monocoque chassis and the use of graphene.” It is the latter, he adds, that makes this car lighter and better than others. 

Other interesting features includes its glass roof, which uses advanced technology for drivers to switch from a closed top car, to one with a completely clear overhead. Ochoa says: “Our glass roof allows drivers to drive this car as if they’re driving a Spider version.” 

The GTA Spano was the brainchild of Ochoa, who started his career in the motoring industry at the age of 13, as a humble mechanic before going on to work for brands the likes of Ferrari and Maserati. It was the privilege of travelling the world to attend motor sport races that opened his eyes to some of the world most exquisite cars. “In Spain, there’s no culture for supercars. So why not create a Spanish supercar?” he says of his idea for the GTA Spano. “It’s my childhood dream [to create my own car] and finally, I’ve achieved it.” 

The first concept was conceived in 2009, before it was commercialised for sale in 2013. But it was only last year that the Spanish automaker decided to manufacture a new car — the latest GTA Spano, which retains the same model name and which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015. 

Already, Ochoa has plans to add more models to the Spania GTA portfolio and reveals that “plans to go to China for the Beijing and Shanghai motor shows” may be in the pipeline. 

Supercar enthusiasts, hold on tight.