Lamborghini first launched the Huracán LP610-4 in 2014 (replacing the Gallardo), before releasing its Spyder version last year. And because third time’s the charm, the Italian supercar-maker has launched the two-wheel-drive Huracán LP580-2, which is expected to deliver a more extreme, more intense drive.

Melvin Goh, managing director of Lamborghini Singapore, shares more about the latest addition.

1.       The Huracán LP580-2 is a completely new set of wheels.

Sure, the LP580-2 is a Huracán. But that doesn’t mean this one is simply a two-wheel-drive version with the front differential removed from its four-wheel sister. Instead, the LP580-2 is built all over again from the base up. “It’s a two-wheel drive with suspension tuned for it and tyres made for it. Even the anima — the Strada, Sport and Corsa drive modes — are tuned specifically for the two-wheel-drive. It’s a completely different car developed right from the beginning,” says Goh.

2.       This Huracán has a more aggressive stance.  

It’s not just the driving technology that has been re-tuned for this car; the front and rear design has also been tweaked in the LP580-2 — in close collaboration between the Centro Stile designers and Lamborghini’s aerodynamic experts — to give it a more assertive look and to highlight its aeronautic styling. “It gives it a fresher look,” Goh says. “The tail has a slight difference in the grille for better aerodynamics. It wasn’t done for nothing.”

3.       It’s made for drivers who just wanna have fun.

So the Huracán LP580-2 comes with the usual 5.2-litre naturally aspirated, mid-mounted V10 engine for 580bhp power output and 540Nm of torque. But being a rear-wheel-drive, this new supercar has been designed to, well, drift — as you would on a racetrack. “It’s different cars for different segments of the market,” Goh suggests. “[The all-wheel LP610-4] is for Lamborghini owners who know what they want: Very high stability and high speed, everything they’ve ever owned before.” The Spyder is the lifestyle version of that car for those who want to “pull off the roof and enjoy the moonlight”. And the two-wheel Huracán? It’s for those who “want something a little more fun”. Goh says: “We’re opening to those who think that a four-wheel-drive is boring. It has three driving modes — one for regular driving (Strada), for fun driving (Sport) and track driving (Corsa). So the car is designed for someone who enjoys driving, who can drive and have fun. The LP580-2 is where you can enjoy an intense driving experience.”

As for whether there’ll be a Spyder version coming along, we’ll just have to wait and see.