When it comes to creating haute horology timepieces with a playful twist, one can always count on Hermès to delight and surprise. This year, the French luxury goods maker returns with the Heure H Double — a brilliant timepiece that pays homage to the sophisticated Heure H watch created in 1996 by the Maison’s in-house designer, Philippe Mouquet.

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At first glance, the Heure H Double Jeu is immediately distinguishable by its 21 x 21mm case shaped like a bold ‘H’ crafted in durable steel with either black or white lacquer detailing. The unique shape of the case serves as a perfect frame for the wonderfully minimalist square dial that displays dainty rhodium-plated hands.

Powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement, the beauty of the Heure H Double Jeu lies in the bedazzling arrangement of its diamonds. Available in two variants, the first is a vertically adorned option that presents a splendid arrangement of 122 diamonds on both sides of the case which serves in drawing one’s gaze towards the stylised Arabic numerals displayed on the dial’s face.

If it’s a show-stopping luxury timepiece that you’re after, the horizontal version would make an ideal choice. At first glance, the case appears to have been dipped halfway in sparkling diamonds. This spectacular presentation was created by applying an astounding 138 diamonds on the dial which blends seamlessly with the 93 diamonds showcased on both sides of the case. Both versions of the Heure H Double Jeu come paired with a matching interchangeable strap in luxurious Barénia calfskin. For a closer look at these sumptuous details, view the gallery below.