Best anti-aging moisturisers for every skin type

While beauty trends these days are all about light makeup and dewy skin, an effective anti-aging moisturiser can make a world of a difference in the appearance of your complexion. After all, there’s truly nothing like naturally healthy skin.

But first, what happens when the skin ages? Although this may all depend on your diet, lifestyle, and heredity, the slightest of changes you may begin noticing is dullness. According to licensed aesthetician Christopher Panzica, this is because mature skin begins to slow its process of skin cell turnover and collagen production. 

To combat this sign of ageing, add retinol into your evening skincare routine to rejuvenate your complexion. 

You’ll also encounter age spots, which is just a sign that you’ve had some fun in the sun. It’s never too late to include an SPF into your beauty regimen, but to tackle these tough spots, you’ll benefit from the brightening power of niacinamide. This powerful ingredient not only eradicates the sunspots, but it does so gently — so much so that it’s safe for acne-prone and eczema-prone skin types

Now that we have a few ideas of what we should tackle, what are some of the best solutions for our skin? 

These are 6 best anti-aging moisturisers for every skin type:

Battling your signs of ageing should not cost you your skin’s moisture barrier. Created by dermatologist and surgeon Dr Dennis Gross, the Intense Wrinkle Cream replaces the brand’s anti-aging moisturiser with 20% extra fill (along with an updated ingredient list!). Retinol, Bakuchiol — which is a natural retinol alternative — and Rambutan along with Ferulic Acid work together to help build skin proteins while visibly firming and plumping the skin from the inner layers. Coupled with the anti-aging dream team are Centella Asiatica and Arnica, both known for their reparative qualities. These two anti-inflammatory ingredients make this powerful blend perfect for those with sensitive skin types as well. 

This luxurious cream is suitable for both AM and PM use — just remember to wear your sunscreen!

The crown jewel of Guerlain’s skincare range, the Orchidée Impériale Cream is an absolute must-have for those on the hunt for exceptional age-defying performance. Encased inside the stunning packaging is a cream that harnesses the power of the all-new Orchid Totum™ molecular extract which promises to regulate cell respiration (or in simple terms, oxidation) while optimising skin regeneration. Once a more youthful look is achieved, the updated ingredient now can also target a longevity enzyme to help extend this rejuvenated appearance. 

With more than 15 years of research going into this anti-aging moisturiser, you can count on achieving the results — provided that consistency is maintained. 

Only available at Guerlain Department stores.


Even if you’re under 30, you can still fight off early signs of ageing. Like many other great anti-aging moisturisers, it takes a little bit of technology to achieve complexion rejuvenation. Here, Korean beauty brand Laneige has enlisted the power of Glycol Miracle™ technology to nourish the skin thoroughly while firming and smoothing away any fine lines. Along with this, the rich cream also features sugar-cane derived squalane to deliver plumpness and hydration, along with yarrow extracts to strengthen the skin’s barrier. While it may not come with a lot of bells and whistles, a skincare item with a simple ingredient deck is sometimes the perfect addition to an effective skincare routine.

Do you have dry skin? Or does your makeup tend to cling onto the patch of dryness? Prep your skin with It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream, and watch your makeup apply like a dream. Not only does it make for an incredible makeup primer, but the cream also delivers seven anti-aging skincare benefits in one. Developed with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, this concoction houses ceramides, peptides, squalane and hydrolysed collagen to moisturise, reduce the look of fine lines, smooth the complexion, even the skin tone, visibly minimise the appearance of pores, plump the skin, and brighten it. With a long list of active ingredients that will be at work for you, this is a fail-safe option for those in the market for an anti-aging moisturiser.

According to German aesthetics doctor, Dr Barbara Sturm, a focus on the anti-inflammatory is the way to go, no matter what your skin concerns are. The brand’s Super Anti-Aging Face Cream is very much unlike any other anti-aging moisturisers in the market — seeing that Dr Sturm adopts a different take on tackling the matter. Yes, there are ceramides to fortify the skin’s barrier, and it seems like hyaluronic acid is making appearances on every ingredient deck, but the doctor also added her own spin into this creation, that is Plankton Biopolymers that work to support firmness; Purslane to fight against free radicals; Meadow Knotweed extract to restore the skin’s natural glow.

This refillable and luxurious cream features not one, but two patented technology in its ingredient list. The first one, the Viniferine, is a Caudalie patented ingredient that’s derived from vine sap, which — the brand claims — provides an exceptional dark spot correction action that is up to 62 times more effective than vitamin C. For those struggling with stubborn sunspots, this might just do the trick. 

The next one is the TET8™ Patented Technology, which is a collaboration between the brand and Harvard Medical School. Their 10 years of research has resulted in a revolutionised use of resveratrol and honokiol. All jargon aside, this ingredient should act on youth proteins to correct eight signs of aging, which are wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, dullness, loss of skin elasticity, firmness and volume, and a general loss of hydration — all while being perfect for all skin types. 

Featured image credit: Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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