The modern concept of a man is open to interpretation. It’s 2019 and the world is celebrating individualism, doing away with the chains of conformity. Runway reports conclude that the notion of menswear is taking a twist on the catwalk with patchwork skirts spotted at London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2019 show to sleek leather coats dominating the runways in Milan.

Continuing to tailor the belief into an expression of fashion is Italian luxury fashion company Versace, who recently debuted their Versace Man Autumn/Winter 2019 collection. Edgy, modern and distinct, the newest collection challenges men to see beyond the norms by instilling confidence, freedom, and security to define masculinity for themselves.

“In the ‘90s there was such a specific idea of a man but, since then, fashion has evolved dramatically and today one cannot define men in just that same, clear way. Everything has changed, and today’s society allows everyone a greater freedom to express themselves with their clothes as well as with their actions,” said Donatella Versace, artistic director of the fashion house and vice president of the Versace company.

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Versace has signed a one-year licensing deal with Ford Motor Co. which explains why you’ll notice classic Ford logos splashed across hoodies and shirts. Silhouettes haven’t lost their charm with sharp tailored suits, elevated with unexpected accessories including safety pin details and binder clips. See-through plastic pants and silk shirts are observed, as is a clever mix of embroidered lace details on knitwear — not forgetting, of course, refreshing new takes on Versace’s Chain Reaction sneakers.

 The collection also flirts with the idea of bondage inspiring fashion — remember that iconic leather belted dress Donatella wore to Vogue’s 100th anniversary party that made headlines in 1993? Gianni himself once said, “Women are more sure of themselves today. They don’t have to emulate the way men dress.” Fast forward to 2019 and Donatella shares, “If I had to find a word that defines today’s men, it would be daring.”

Let’s not forget the show itself, taking place at Milan Fashion Week. It marked Versace’s first men’s show since being acquired by Michael Kors Holdings Limited for just over $2 billion last year. The show also featured female models you’ll have no trouble recognising by name and face, including Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Emily Ratajowski. Models of both gender walked the runway to the soundtrack of drag queen RuPaul’s Supermodel  (“Sashay! Shantay!”), as if validating the notion that menswear as we know it is definitively getting some work done.