To celebrate the month of April and Diamond Month, jewellery retailer Wah Chan will be hosting an exclusive three-day Diamond Month event at its flagship showroom at Wisma Wah Chan. From April 19 till 21, you are bound to be dazzled by over 500 rare collector’s jewellery pieces that will be available for acquisition, which are especially perfect for those who are in search of elusive heirloom pieces to be passed down from generation to generation.

All jewellery pieces have been stringently pre-selected by Wah Chan in terms of clarity and rarity, which encompasses the certified rating of a particular diamond. White diamonds are, for example, rated colour-categorised EFG and clarity-certified VS.

To achieve symmetry, all jewellery pieces feature matching diamonds, either of the same cut or colour. The time taken to assemble the diamonds found in some of these jewellery pieces is near immeasurable and requires indeterminable patience, which means it takes supreme craftsmanship to transform these gemstones into a work of art worn on the body.

To shed some light on just what it takes artisans to craft these rare collector’s pieces, below are some of the highlights from the Diamond Month event: