Located at Suria KLCC, the Ephemeral boutique is located just steps away from the original store. A sumptuous space of creativity and luxury, the Ephemeral boutique also marks as the house of Chanel’s first ever pop-up concept to be established in Malaysia, one that will continue serving all of its prestigious customers until the flagship completes its renovations in November this year.

The pop-up is also home to the recently launched Métiers d’art Paris-Hamburg 2017/18 collection that showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of the fashion house’s Maisons d’art. Presented last December in Hamburg, this major port of Germany also happens to be the birthplace of fashion icon and Chanel’s Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld.


“Without great ateliers, you cannot make a good collection. About a month and half before the collection I give the first sketches to the ateliers. I love working with our ateliers, they all have their own speciality. Virginie Viard and I know exactly which will be the best to interpret each one of my sketches. There is always such creative dynamic between the Studio and the expertise of the CHANEL and the Maisons d’art ateliers who work on my collections. Gradually as the silhouette evolves, the embroideries, the details and the finishes take on a new dimension.” — Karl Lagerfeld, Creative Director of Fendi.

The Métiers d’art Paris-Hamburg 2017/18 collection presents plenty of gliding silhouettes inspired by the immutable uniform of the merchant navy crew that can often be spotted at Hamburg’s famous port. This includes pea coats, drop-front trousers, sweaters and caps. The result: a unique, daring and confident collection that exudes an ultra-feminine attitude.

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As for accessories, the collection offers minaudières resembling containers and life buoys, while the iconic Gabrielle bag is presented with an elegant checked tweed in colours typical of the city of Hamburg’s brickwork. Additional symbols to keep an eye out for include marine anchors that appear on earrings and brooches, while anchor chains have been transformed into long sautoirs necklaces and bracelets. For more incredible images of the boutique and collection, have a look at the gallery below: