We Malaysians love our food and dessert. It’s a fact all of us are proud of. Enter any eatery – from the humblest hawker stall to some of the finest dining establishments – on any given day, and it’s bustling with an eclectic mix of people enjoying a good meal. There’s always something to discover when you understand the pleasure and conviviality of food. While we’re far from food snobs, we do know how to appreciate authentic dining experience, especially when it is exceptionally well thought out and executed at the highest level.

Here’s one for the picking, for anyone who loves interactive dining experience or wishes to savour interesting flavours concocted from local and foreign ingredients. Mr Chew’s Chino Latino Bar & Restaurant is set in a classy Manhattan-esque duplex loft at the top of The WOLO Hotel and offers a fresh take on the conventional Asian fare with ingenious elements of South American cuisine. While Mr Chew is known for its enchanting designer interior, Instagram-worthy plating and creative cocktails, it is the six-course dessert degustation experience offered at its dessert bar that is currently sending our diets out of the window.

On the Dessert Bar

“Interactive, playful, tantalising”, Kuala Lumpur’s first-of-its-kind bar has only 10 seats available at the cool blue colour tone, L-shaped black marble bar. And fairly so, if you want to interact with the chefs as you sit through the courses. This intimate opportunity also means you get to see how each individual dessert is prepared, plated and served up close.

On the Dessert Degustation Menu

The 6-Course Dessert Menu is designed for dessert lovers seeking a unique, indulgent fine dining experience. To further enjoy this sophisticated showcase of some of the most intricately crafted sweet creations, guests can opt to complement the course with the tea pairing or the booze pairing.

Notably, Mr Chew’s dessert bar is led by Pastry Chef Ivan Ong, who is also the brains behind the desserts at Troika Sky Dining’s Cantaloupe. Set to encapsulate the crux of Mr Chew’s, every dish that is created achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty and sour. While there are premiere establishments that offer gourmet desserts, Mr Chew’s elevates its offering with local pleasures like a kumquat marshmallow topped with sea salt, lotus paste puff with teh tarik ice-cream and espresso foam and lychee ice kacang. What’s more, regardless of the beverage you’ve decided to go with, Chef Ivan’s pairing of flavours is spot on, and textures play heavenly.


Mr Chew’s Chino Latino Bar & Restaurant’s dessert bar is available daily from 11.30am to 1am during lunch and dinner service hours. Bookings can be made online at www.mr-chew.com or by calling +60 3 4065 0168. You can also keep yourself updated with Mr Chew’s happenings by following his Facebook page and Instagram