9 bakeries and restaurants to find the best stollen, panettone and Christmas cake in KL

What’s Christmas without nibbling at some authentic stollen and panettone? Here’s where you can get traditional Christmas cakes in KL.

Said to have its origins in the Roman empire, panettone is a type of Italian sweet bread customarily prepared and savoured for Christmas. The word derives from panetto, translated to a small loaf cake, while the suffix -one augments the original word to take on a new meaning. While early history points towards a Roman creation, panettone only truly took flight in the early 20th century when two adversarial Milanese bakers gave the traditional dessert its modern form.

With a tall, domed silhouette and a light, airy texture, panettone is an essential element in the contemporary celebration of Christmas. According to Reuters, Italian bakers produce hundreds of millions of panettoni every Christmas. The ferocious Italian domestic law requires the bread to be made from butter and brewer’s yeast. This, however, doesn’t apply to exports and those made abroad catering to local tastes – specked with fragments of candied, dried fruits, anyone? – and dietary restrictions.

North of the Alps, Germans honour Christmas traditions with an icing sugar-dusted fruit bread containing nuts, spices and dried fruits, called stollen. While contemporary stollen is orchestrated from a symphony of ingredients, the original stollen purposefully prepared for Christmas was baked for the first time at the Council of Trent back in 1545. The recipe then comprised flour, yeast, oil and water. Though not a ubiquitous sight like panettone, stollen has found its way to a wider reckoning across the globe in recent years. For those who are yet to be initiated, are you intrigued? 

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This article was first published on Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur. 

Here’s where you can find the best stollen, panettone and Christmas cake in KL:

The quaint bakery located in the dilapidated-turned-hipster-friendly neighbourhood of Kampung Attap is known for its artisanal sourdough. Where sandwiches are sought after during regular times, Tommy Le Baker’s stollen flies off the shelf leading up to Christmas. Order taking for the festive offering starts the final week of November. This French-trained baker uses only premium ingredients. It is priced at RM42.80 for 500g.

Made from premium ingredients, sans preservatives, let the buttery, honeyed fragrance of panettone permeate your home this Christmas. Priced at RM90 and made from wild yeast, the raved-about panettone has been offered by this artisanal bakery for several years. Don’t steal a bite prematurely as it only improves in texture, flavour and aroma closer to Christmas. 

Apart from panettone, No 5 Bakery also offers stollen and Christmas cookies.

Available in two sizes (500g or 750g) and a plethora of flavours, Twenty-Two Bakery’s take on panettone comes in Panettone Classico (orange with raisins), Panettone al Cioccolato (chocolate with cherries), Panettone Fragola e Cioccolato (chocolate with strawberries), and Panettone al Caramello (caramel with raisins). Prices start from RM140 for 500g and RM210 for 750g, these assortments of panettone are made from imported flour from Japan, organic cane sugar, Valrhona chocolate, Madagascar vanilla and other premium ingredients.

Handcrafted from the finest matcha sourced from Uji, Kyoto, Japan, Oh Cha Matcha’s indulgent treat for Christmas 2021 revolves around 24 flavoured chocolates. The limited-edition Chocolate Christmas Advent Calendar priced at RM129 keeps you in the pink of health while counting down the days till the joyous celebration arrives. Sugar-, dairy-, keto- and gluten-free, as well as vegan-friendly, only 1,000 boxes will be made. 

Should you unfortunately miss out, you can console yourself with alternatives such as the self-explanatory Gingerbread House DIY Kit at RM119 and Christmas Matcha Afternoon Tea Box at RM149 (matcha burnt cheesecake, ganache tarts, marble cake, scones, roll cake, gingerbread man and more).

Get ready for festive minced pies, baked to perfection with a delectable symphony of golden raisins, blackcurrants, black raisins, diced apples and spices encased in a buttery crust and topped with snow-like icing sugar. They are offered with brandy and whiskey, as well as in non-alcoholic versions.

Available at all outlets (BSC carries only the non-alcoholic version) starting 27 November 2021, at RM8 apiece (with alcohol) and RM9 apiece (without alcohol).



The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur spices up this Christmas with a range of decadent treats. Famous for its Fernando Botero sculpture, the Drawing Room embraces the festive spirit with celebratory decorations and offerings. For your sweet tooth fix, pop in for the impressive confections. We are certain they will hit the right spot.

1kg Christmas ‘Wreath of Life’ Cake – RM180+

1kg Grand Marnier Christmas Fruit Cake – RM208+

Box of Four Holiday Éclairs – RM128+

Box of Four Small Christmas ‘Wreath of Life’ Cakes – RM128+


7 /9

Bake by Banyan Tree

Specialty treats inspired by the festive season can be whisked away from Bake by Banyan Tree. Take your picks from a spectacle of gourmet treats handcrafted by pâtissiers. Each customised festive gift box comes with the classics such as Gingerbread Man Cookies, Frosted Walnuts, Stollen Bites, Marzipan Marzipan Stollen Loaf, Chocolate Dipped Orange Confit, Nougat and more.

Available throughout December 2021 at Bake by Banyan Tree, 8am-8pm, and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Festive Booth (Centre Court Level 2) 10am-10pm.

For all things festive, drop by Oro Cafe, where it is offering in excess of 30 à la carte sweet treats to choose from, starting at RM5 nett apiece. Highlights include Modern Festive Banoffee Cake, Modern Festive Banoffee Log Cake, Modern Festive Berries Classico Cake and Traditional Yule Log Cake.

Available for dine-in and takeaway, 25 November 2021-2 January 2022.

Individual cakes start at RM26 nett, while whole cakes are priced from RM100 nett.


Bring home freshly baked festive sweets from Botanica+Co this Christmas. All cakes require pre-order 24 hours prior to self-collect. The bakery also offers cookies in gift boxes available on the spot.

Chestnut Log Cake RM138, 1kg, made with chocolate swiss roll, roasted chestnut mousse, salted caramel

Gingerbread Chiffon Cake, RM42, 6-inch, made with 400g house-blended gingerbread spice, citrus zest

Festive Pecan & Ginger Spiced Bread, RM52, 400g, made with pecan nuts, ginger, spices


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