And just like that, we’ve come towards the end of 2019. The year-end of the calendar season is usually something many look forward to because of Christmas. The biggest festive holiday season of the year is always about gift-giving, lavish dinners, and topped up with a seemingly endless amount of alcohol. While some may not be into gifts or even drinking, you can never say no to tucking in to a tasty Christmas dinner in KL.

This Christmas, tuck into an extravagant feast at one of these many locations for the entire month of December. This ranges from fine-dining establishments as well as raved hotel restaurants. Thankfully, everything is located within a stone’s throw away from one another.

As the festive season fast approaches, we give you the entire list of Christmas dinners in KL to check out. Be sure to scroll down below to see which restaurant will be the perfect place for you.

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Malaysia