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Take a bite of the most delicious chewy cookies, baked with love.

Not only are they gooey and soft, but we dare say these desserts have the ability to cheer you up when you’re in need of a mood-booster. Maybe even as a surprise treat for a loved one? We promise they’ll be memorable till the very last bite.

(Main image credit: Instagram/@allabout.chew)

The Baking Firm

If you’re not too familiar with The Baking Firm, it’s high time you added it to your must-try list. This home bakery created a buzz on social media for its classic sea salt brownies, burnt cheesecakes and apam balik cupcakes – yes, you read that right. This year, the bakery has released its latest Chunky Cookie series and trust us when we say you can’t go wrong with a serving (or two) of its double chocolate and matcha-chocolate options.

(Image credit: Instagram/@thebakingfirm)

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Schewy Cookies

Fans of Biscoff are going to love this – the biscookie is a definite win if indulging in your favourite cookie spread in a chewy bite-sized form sounds like your dream come true. Spread the love with your friends too; these freshly-baked treats in its lovely baby blue box will make for the perfect surprise.

(Image credit: Instagram/@schewy.cookies)

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Big Chewy Cookies

This bakery not only offers sinfully chewy cookies, but it also caters to vegans with its dairy- and egg-free options. Whether you’re a massive fan of the go-to chocolate chip or white chocolate cookies, or want to get adventurous with the raspberry white chocolate option, we’re sure you’ll have a grand time devouring these tasty treats.

(Image credit: Instagram/@bigchewycookies)

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All About Chew

The name says it all. Besides being spoiled with a variety of flavours, you can also opt between the thin or the Big Ass Softy cookies, depending on what you’re craving.  From chocolate chip walnut and double chocolate, to raspberry and matcha, you’ll be hard pressed to choose just one.

(Image credit: Instagram/@allabout.chew)

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Dope Dough

Five years in the game and Dope Dough is still making a name for itself through its unique cookie flavours. If you have a massive sweet tooth and are craving something different in terms of flavour, then you should definitely try the red velvet cream cheese, triple chocolate with peanut butter and black velvet with oreo cream cheese – they sound divine, don’t they?

(Image credit: Instagram/@dopedoughmy)

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That Shuk Bakes

Last on our list is That Shuk Bakes, and what really caught our attention from the menu was its Strawberry Pop-Tart flavour. Doesn’t that bring back memories of eating a warm pop tart in the morning as a child? However, it does seem like the matcha and chocolate is a crowd favourite too, so be bold here and try as many different flavours as you can to fulfil your soft cookie-venture.

(Image credit: Instagram/@that.shuk.bakes_official)

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