The best curated gift hampers for Chinese New Year 2022 you can order now

What gifts and hampers will you be giving away to usher in Year of the Tiger, Chinese New Year 2022? 

Gifting is an indispensable custom during Chinese New Year. The symbolic gesture comes in many shapes. The blissfully married are expected to distribute a red envelope containing a wad of cash to those who are yet to settle down and get wed. A visit to friends and extended family members typically entails a contribution in the form of a basket of produce. It could be something opulent like abalone or something nutritious like edible bird’s nest. For business owners, it is an opportune time to show appreciation to business partners and clients. For those who have flown the coop, Chinese New Year marks the only time of the year where family members are reunited under the same roof. Showering ageing parents with thoughtful gifts, therefore, becomes a filial obligation. What you present is an embodiment of your well wishes. 

Whether it’s a basket full of traditional delicacies like dried scallops or pineapple tarts, or a whimsical old-school box filled with childhood games and sweets that will conjure up all the nostalgic feels, you have your pick of fantastic Chinese New Year gift hampers for the special people in your life this year.

While Chinese New Year 2022 is still about three weeks away, these hampers can book up fast. So don’t wait til the last minute and get your orders in now, so you can rest easy before relaxing and celebrating the occasion with your loved ones. After all, it’s been a difficult couple of years – and what better way to ring in a new year of good fortune and prosperity with a hamper full of symbolic goodies? 

This article was adapted from Lifestyle Asia Kuala Lumpur. 

Read on to discover curated gifts and hampers for Chinese New Year 2022:

The purveyor of healthy snacks delivers festive cheer with a gift box filled with nutritious titbits. While choices are aplenty, the Golden Blessings CNY Gift Box seems perfect for its versatile curation, catering to the fledgling and the sage. It includes All-Natural Apple Cider & Wild Honey Vinegar, Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng & Cordyceps, Multiflora Raw Honey, Omega-3 Trail Mix, Roasted Pistachio and Thai Dried Mango, beautifully bound by an exclusive sleeve. 


Unbox unveils a whimsical and unique catalogue of gift boxes for Chinese New Year 2022. The Young at Heart hamper, under The Fuyoh series, comes with a unique box that you can spin to release capsules of old-school treats like White Rabbit and Sugus candy, as well as a box of nostalgic childhood games. It’s a treat for the older and younger generation alike! 

Another one that really caught our attention is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Nutrients, where the rustic wooden cabinet doubles as a dispensary of traditional herbal products made by Chai Huat Hin, a Chinese medicine hall located in the Petaling Street district. 


Chai Huat Hin, a traditional oriental grocery, has launched a curated gift box for shoppers who would like to explore local Chinese New Year delicacies. Available for preorder at RM388 from now until 23rd January 2022, shoppers can expect a box full of traditional dried ingredients to be gifted to families, friends and loved ones. The gift box is available in three themes — Reunion, Peace and Happiness.  

Among others, the hamper includes the Abalone, an ingredient that brings good fortune; Sea Cucumber, a seafood ingredient that brings blessing to the receiver; Scallops, opens new opportunities and horizons and Bird’s nest, a popular ingredient that promotes good health. 

There is XO and then, there is the Cordon Bleu. First blended in 1912, the Martell signature has stayed true to tradition ever since without wavering from its velvety, opulent spirit. Its distinctive bouquet is characterised by eaux-de-vie distilled from Borderies, imbued with a dry-yet-fruity body and an exceptional finish of toffee, leather and chocolate. The limited-edition gift pack is complemented with a gorgeous Tulip glass.


When giving a whole hamper might be too extravagant for one person, especially when the person lives alone, a ready-to-cook meal made for one offers sensibility. The famous seafood in Petaling Jaya creates “a person, a bowl” Poon Choy Gift Box comprising premium ingredients such as abalone and sea cucumber. All the recipient has to do is to heat it up inside a microwave.



Looking for delicious mixers for your cocktail or simply a healthy thirst quencher to bust the heat? The local purveyor of natural soda made from real fruit juice is unveiling limited-edition gift sets in an assortment of flavours for Chinese New Year. The Fortune Peach-perity Pack features Peach & Osmanthus soda evocative of fragrant Peach Tea. Better yet, it comes with a Peach-Perity Ang Pao Pouch.


One of the most prominent distributors of whiskies, wines and other spirits in Malaysia is unveiling a limited-edition feline gift box to house any liquor you might purchase for Chinese New Year 2022. Apart from carrying well-known brands such as Remy Martin, Royal Salute, The Macallan and Hennessy, AlbertWines2U also purveys Bollinger and Château L’Évangile.

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