From awe-inspiring panoramic views of the Bukit Bintang cityscape, to chic interiors complemented by warm tones and modern finishings, Mr Chew’s Chino Latino Restaurant and Bar is always a good idea when it comes to indulging in a memorable dining experience. Known for its tantalising menu that blends familiar Asian flavours with touches of Latino flair, this classy establishment has also earned a place in the hearts of thirsty urbanites for it’s creative cocktails which is best experienced at the cocktail bar located on the second floor of this former duplex turned loft-style restaurant.  

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Recently, Mr Chew’s has introduced a brand new range of flavourful and fabulous cocktails utilising unconventional ingredients including burnt cocoa husks, homemade orgeat and kombucha made with a fermented teas. Created by Simon O’Brien, the Bar Manager at Mr Chew’s, here’s a sneak peek at the establishment’s latest exotic elixirs that offer a refreshing and vibrant alternative to the traditional tipple.

Fogueira, MYR54 

Mr. Chew’s
Mr. Chew’s Fogueira, a beach-inspired blend of gin, dry vermouth and a Luxardo Bianco infused with pineapple and coconut.

This beach-inspired cocktail comprises zesty pineapple and sweet coconut infused with gin, dry vermouth and Luxardo Bitter Bianco shaken in a jar that has been smoked with burnt cocoa husks. The Fogueira comes served on a tray decorated with edible sand, burnt cocoa husks and a mini umbrella.

Jungle Fog, MYR54

Mr. Chew’s
Mr. Chew’s Jungle Fog is a refreshing mix of soursop-infused gin drink with a fermented jasmine and rose tea kombucha.

This tropical soursop-infused drink features a mix of gin and a kombucha mix made from fermented jasmine and rose tea. Finishing touches include dry ice which is used to simulate a ‘jungle fog’ that is then poured directly into the glass to create the delightful sensory experience.

Inferno, MYR58

Mr. Chew’s
Mr. Chew’s Inferno is a heady concoction of Japanese whisky, Bentong ginger wine, spiced pomegranate juice and a homemade red dates and ginseng liqueur.

Perfect for warming one’s spirits, the Inferno is an intoxicating herbal blend of Japanese whisky paired with premium Bentong ginger wine and spiced pomegranate juice with dashes of red dates and ginseng liqueur. The entire concoction is set alight before being poured on a bed of snow fungus decorated with pomegranate seeds. 

Celestial 5, MYR58

Mr. Chew’s
Mr. Chew’s Celestial 5 includes a blend of duck fat-washed dark rum with a Guinness reduction, orange bitters and a splash of hoisin sauce.

Smoky and savoury all at once, the Celestial 5 is a heady blend of duck fat-washed dark rum with a Guinness reduction enhanced by splashes of orange bitters and hoisin sauce. Served in a massive tsutsu-gata (cylinder bowl) filled with dry ice, the drink is perched on top of a bed of hay, a refreshing scent meant to whisk one away to the great outdoors.

Available from 5pm to 1am daily, these creative cocktails are a great way to wind down after a long week. For more details, visit