Feel-good podcasts to listen to while decluttering your space

Whether it is to sort out your wardrobe that you have been forever putting up with or organising your kitchen cabinets, listening to one of these feel-good podcasts while decluttering your space – morning or night – will certainly help speed up the time, as well as put an awakening, optimistic energy right to your mental well-being for a lighter and healthier emotional state. And remember, a clearer mind always starts with a clearer space first.

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With the podcast’s hosts and creators being notable as two of the UK’s first-group pioneers of the so-called online YouTube community, Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton are besties whose chart-topping podcast, At Home With…, has become so many people’s little comforter. Each episode of seasons one and two is an hour-long audio show where each scene is consisted of a good old catch-up session at a guest’s home, with their own stories and learnings turned into a light-hearted conversation that will make you feel at ease and slip right into the moment as if you were there with a warm cuppa to enjoy.

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Slightly leaning towards more of a deeper-thinking side, Fear Itself is where the English actress Cressida Bonas invites some of the world’s biggest names to share their personal – but yet inspiring – stories revolving around fear and how we can deal with it, in a better way. From the renowned singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding (in season 1) to one of the globe’s most influential psychologists Dr Pippa Grange (in season 2), a few of these motivational stories, including their hidden messages, might be the only things you need to hear today.

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Hosted and created by the Canadian-born Mimi Bouchard, she describes herself as a “personal development junkie” who as well creates all sorts of guided meditation content on ‘MimiMethod’, with topics ranging from ‘Feel Motivated Through Ups and Downs’, ‘Fall in Love with Life’ to the ones that can be played during your at-home Pilates classes. Besides that, she also talks all things about ways to becoming the best version of yourself here on MIMI podcast in which will certainly leave you feeling fresh, from the inside out, and prepare you for a life of an upgrade – mentality-wise. Each episode is short, concise and straight to the point – exactly what you need to fill that 15-minute, learn-something-new habit for a daily positivity boost.

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As happily as the name suggests, the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast series is brought to you by the author of the bestselling The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin, who co-hosts with her younger sister Elizabeth Craft, a TV writer and producer. Where each one of them gives their practical and manageable pieces of advice surrounding happiness, as well as good habits that will help create your own formulation to becoming happier in every day.

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Ranked as one of the top-100 shows in eight countries and over 80 million downloads for a listening-worthy guarantee, The Minimalists podcast is by no means doubtful that one should not scroll through without giving it a listen. The show is hosted and created by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus who discuss a life of a minimalist and how living a meaningful life with less might be an exact solution one has kept struggling to find.

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