After calling Singapore home for 12 years, society sweetheart Rany Moran and her family will embark on a new life in Sydney, Australia. To celebrate the friendships that she has forged in our island state, a group of her closest friends banded together to host a farewell party for her at the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore. Attended by more than 100 girl friends, the event kick-started with Moran entering the room singing Celine Dion’s “Because You Love Me”. She then gave a short speech thanking her friends for being a huge part of her life during her time in Singapore. Throughout the evening, various friends took the stage to express their thoughts on Moran’s move to Sydney, while others took her aside for a private word, inevitably leaving her teary eyed. As a surprise, the organisers also arranged a performance by kids from the Batam orphanage that Moran supports. In true Indonesian style, the party carried on late into the night and saw her bask in the company of her long-time friends.