Louisa Ong had an unforgettable 18th birthday party. It was held on the cusp of her leaving the country to further her studies so her mum, Fanty Soenardy, gifted the lucky teen a signature Tiffany & Co. key pendant to let her know she’ll always hold a key to her family members’ hearts.

LOUISA ONG 18th birthday party tiffany blue cake

Furthermore, a two-tiered Tiffany blue cake, sumptuous dessert buffet and macarons were kindly presented by Tiffany & Co. There were also local savoury favourites such as plates of delicious Beggar’s Chicken, Peking Duck, and dim sums. And of course, what is a coming-of-age party without some champagne, wine and for the sober-minded, mocktails — all free-flowing, as one would expect.

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LOUISA ONG 18th birthday party

Most of the guests were friends and cousins of Louisa Ong. Mummy Fanty Soenardy and her social set literally took a back seat, perched on the restaurant’s banquettes. Held on the ground level of the two-storey VLV establishment, guests gyrated inside the human ‘cages’ as pulsating dance music swathe around them. The evening ended on a high note with the birthday girl serenaded and then misted with, but of course, champagne.

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