The private yellow party organised by Maria Elena Rudolf at her residence in Cairnhill Road was filled with positive energy. The event was further brightened by the colour that guests wore.

The co-founder of Art Stage Singapore announced that she will spend more time abroad but that doesn’t mean she is out of the Asian art world. According to Maria Elena Rudolf, Art Stage Singapore is still set to run on January 2019.

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However, she will also embark on new projects, possibly a wellness, health and/or beauty line. For Maria Elena Rudolf, her time in Singapore and Asia will inform her new projects. Her time spent here has brought her happiness, love and amazing friendships that were also celebrated throughout the cheery evening.

Notable personalities who showed up to celebrate this announcement ranged from people of the local art scene and institutions, to socialites as well as international guests that flew in especially for this party.

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Click on the images below to see who was in attendance that evening.