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Despite the disruption from the pandemic, Dr Kevin tells us some bright moments he has noticed and how he and his family are keeping their spirits up.

Dr Kevin Chua runs an aesthetics practice with his wife Dr Iroshini Chua. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re no longer doing aesthetic procedures at the moment, until further notice.

Lest you think Dr Kevin Chua is having an extended holiday, he tells us that his working hours are actually longer now as his clinic has partnered with the Singapore government as part of the Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPC), where primary care clinics respond to public health emergencies through a single scheme for better management. 

As he joins the many frontline health workers in the challenging fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Kevin is thankful for the support from his family during this difficult time.

Drs Iroshini and Kevin Chua (Image: Cher Him)

How is a typical day different for you now compared to before the virus outbreak?

I start early in the morning seeing patients online through a telemedicine app called DoctorAnywhere. My working day has extended and I spend more time working from home. When needed, I head to my clinic to see patients face-to-face.

What are some of the precautionary measures at the clinic now?

Social distancing measures have been implemented both in the work place and in waiting areas for patients. Temperature screening is done both at the entrance of the office building as well as the clinic

What are some challenges that you’re facing in a time like now?

The procedures done in my clinic have been reduced greatly. In an effort to slow the spread of the virus, Ministry of Health has allowed only essential medical services to take place. This means that we need to screen our patients carefully and postpone any consultations or treatments that are deemed non-essential until the circuit breaker is lifted.

How is your family supporting your work now?

Since the children are also doing home-based learning, we’ve rallied around one another to keep our spirits up. I am given enough space and time to do my work as required. More importantly we come together after work to play games whenever possible.

Drs Kevin and Iroshini Chua together with their children at the opening of their clinic last year.

Any advice to Prestige readers on how to stay positive at this dire time?

It will get better. Keep that in mind.The world is slowly coming out of a lockdown. Vaccines will become available although that will take some time. The government is doing its utmost to keep us all safe.

What is one good thing that you’ve noticed during this outbreak?

That we’re spending more time together as a family.

What other some bright moments have you noticed?

My children are pretty conscientious when it comes to school work. They seem to have a very balanced lifestyle despite the challenging situation they find themselves in.

What else keeps you going in a tough time like now?

The fact that we are all in this together as a country and the rest of the world. I am also grateful that I chose a profession that remains in demand during this extraordinary period. 

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