There was plenty of excitement in the air — other than boisterous chatter of teens, there was also heaps of adrenaline radiating from the Formula 1 race track in Singapore. At the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix, 15 youths from the YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre got to bask in the thrilling world of Formula 1, thanks to business tycoon Bashir Dawood and his wife Mariyam. To him, Formula 1, which brings together the brightest minds from various industries, is about working together to achieve greater things. “Together, we are able to break records, surpass boundaries and redefine limits,” he says. These young men and women got to watch their racing heroes make their rounds on the track during a practice session, as they feasted on mouth-watering food and drinks at the Singapore Club Suite. After which, everyone got to enjoy a thrilling magic show. Says Dawood: “We hope this fusion of knowledge will inspire someone enough to fuel them to become the next Formula 1 World Champion, the next John Cooper, or perhaps even the next Elon Musk.”