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Prestige 40 Under 40 2020: Jason Lee

Jason Lee

36, Founder of Scent by SIX

The year 2019 was a phenomenal year for Jason. Scent by SIX, the artisanal perfume brand he founded was commissioned by KrisShop to create a bespoke scent to be used on perfume tags boxed inside purchases. Scent by SIX also collaborated with Eu Yan Sang to create the world’s first Traditional Chinese Medicine perfume and was commissioned by Funan Mall to come up with its ambient scent.

Jason was inspired by his experience and training as a management associate in Givaudan (the No. 1 fragrance and flavour house in the world) to create his own perfume brand. After leaving Givaudan, he spent two years on planning, testing, and research and development before launching Scent by SIX in July 2016.

Although the pandemic will continue to pose challenges for lifestyle retailers for the foreseeable future, Jason remains upbeat. He shares plans to craft a smart omni-channel retail eco-system and to launch a collection of scents made with Givaudan’s patented DreamScentz technology. “These scents are proven to be functional – for example, some improve sleep, and they are also olfactory complex unlike essential oils which have singular olfactive notes.”

Photography: Bryan Foong/Antelope Studios | Art Direction: Audrey Chan | Grooming: Keith Bryant Lee, using Shiseido | Hair: Christvian Goh