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Prestige 40 Under 40 2020: Khai Lin Sng

Khai Lin Sng

32, Co-Founder & CFO of Fundnel

Khai Lin likens her role as the CFO of Fundnel as akin to a goalkeeper. “I am the last line of defence and the decisions I make shape the company for better and for worse – being frivolous shortens our runway while going overboard with tightening our belts could cost us good opportunities,” explains the former JP Morgan investment banker-turned-entrepreneur.

She co-founded the online private investment platform in 2015 to make a difference to small and medium-sized enterprises in need of access to growth funding. With a presence in five countries across Asia, Fundnel provides private equity and equity-related investment opportunities to its network of investors. 2019 was the company’s best year yet; she led Fundnel to curate US$6 billion worth of deals for over 13,000 investors and secured US$120 million in essential funding for start-ups, private companies and venture capital funds.

These achievements are especially significant to her, as they have not come without challenges. “It wasn’t an easy start at all; at the beginning, there were only four of us, equipped with nothing but our personal laptops and our aspirations. Everyone in the company, from my fellow founders to our interns, pull their weight and have a hand in shaping Fundnel into what it is today. Whenever I meet someone new and they say, ‘I’ve heard so much about Fundnel!’, I feel an immense sense of pride,” says Khai Lin, who also volunteers her time annually to participate in marine conservation projects abroad.

Photography: Bryan Foong/Antelope Studios | Art Direction: Audrey Chan | Hair: Sean Ang | Make-up: Keith Bryant Lee, using Shiseido