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Prestige 40 Under 40 2020: Vihari Poddar

Vihari Poddar

34, Designer and Managing Director of Vihari Jewels

The daughter of a family of diamond dealers, Vihari has always loved the allure of precious stones. At 15, she sold her first pieces of jewellery to her teachers at the Singapore American School – an achievement she considers the biggest highlight of her career. “It’s safe to say that this moment has defined my passion all the way until now,” says Vihari, who went on to pursue a business degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and studied jewellery craftsmanship in Italy.

In 2006, she established Vihari Jewels, a home-grown brand known for its high-end jewels. Typically, clients make private appointments to view and feel the jewellery in her Ngee Ann City office, which had to stop due to the pandemic. “It’s been difficult because luxury goods must be accompanied by a luxurious experience.”

Thankfully, the trust built with her clients over the years led to some orders placed just from phone call discussions, and product pictures and videos. Later this year, Vihari is embarking on a new venture outside of jewellery: an online fashion store for men that she is launching with her husband, Abishek Poddar. “We are bringing in upcoming European designers who provide fresh and creative looks with exceptional fabrics and craftsmanship, at a fraction of the price of traditional big brands.”