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Claudine Pang | Women of Power 2022

Claudine Pang

Ophthalmologist, eye surgeon and medical director of Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre

An eye health authority, Dr Claudine Pang has racked up an impressive list of achievements. She is one of the few doctors with multiple international fellowships in the sub-specialty fields of both medical retina and vitreoretinal surgery, and is also the first woman in the world to receive the William H Ross Surgical Vitreoretinal Fellowship.

Her love for eye care is intertwined with a deep-seated love for humanity. Her personal motto is to bring a difference to someone’s life every day. “This is what brings meaning to mine. I’m always searching for greater meaning and purpose.”

Driven by a mission to bring eye care to everyone, Claudine created her own social enterprise, Eye Quotient (EyeQ) to offer eye screenings on-site to members of corporations who are most at risk from digital eye strain.

She also authored and published her first eye health-related book last year, which outlines common symptoms of eye conditions, as well as easy-to-understand explanations and advice. She is also the first to launch a mobile eye health app, complete with basic self-assessment tips and eye wellness tips.

Claudine also extends her mission to the less fortunate. She started Eye Care Without Borders for the needy in Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, as well as low-income families in Singapore. In 2021, it raised funds of more than $25,000 to provide free meals and packed food items to low-income families here, while supporting charity organisations such as Beyond Social Services and Foodbank Singapore to help 1,500 families.

Our cover girl of March 2021 and mother of two is keen on inculcating the spirit of giving back into her children. Volunteerism has become second nature to them as they’ve accompanied their mother to Cambodia and Nepal on humanitarian missions and charity drives in Singapore.

With lifted restrictions and safer travel now, Claudine hopes to bring her eye care charity projects to more rural countries where people do not have good access to healthcare. “I hope to bring our team to Cambodia, Vietnam and Rwanda next to make a difference to people’s lives there. Locally, we can finally resume our eye screening programmes to reach out to more communities, and our children’s volunteer programmes to involve kids aged 6 to 12 years in volunteerism.”

The doctor believes that the eyes are the windows to our souls and are indicative of our general health. Holistic wellness is a big passion of hers and her next project is targeted at helping the general public achieve this goal more effortlessly.

Asked what power means to her, Claudine describes a person with a passionate purpose. “He or she can accomplish anything they set out to achieve and that, to me, is powerful.” That, to us, is Claudine.