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Lee Yang | Women of Power 2022

Lee Yang

Aerospace and defence director of Experia Events

Putting together the world’s third largest air show is no mean feat, especially in February this year when most countries, including Singapore, were not entirely out of the woods where the pandemic was concerned. While the success of the Singapore Airshow 2022 (albeit a scaled-down one compared to previous years) could not be attributed to one person or even a single team, one woman’s fortitude and focus played a huge role.

As the director of aerospace and defence at Experia – the company responsible for some of Singapore’s biggest exhibitions, conferences and summits, Lee Yang is a key player to the biennial airshow, a landmark event attended by government and military delegations, as well as senior corporate executives from around the world. On top of showcasing the latest technologies in global aerospace and the defence sector, the four-day event includes high-level forums, which brings together thought leaders and key decision makers in the industry to contribute to dialogues, exchange ideas and seek solutions and strategies.

Before joining Experia, Lee Yang had chalked up 12 years of experience in SIA Engineering Company, where she covered a range of portfolios – from business development and joint venture management to operations in workshops, procurement and fleet management. Prior to that, she was involved in industry development for process engineering in the Singapore Economic Development Board.

At Experia, she is lauded as an encouraging mentor and one who empowers her colleagues to do better. Yet, she sees herself as a cog in the wheel and is modest about her abilities. “I cannot solve everything by myself. No single person has the absolute intel or wisdom; we need to empower others so we can collectively stand together and move our common cause forward.”

Her desire to uplift others extends to her work with local cat welfare group Love Kuching Project, in which she guided new volunteers in cat care, handling and basic medical procedures. “It was extremely satisfying to see them build confidence and take the lead with even newer volunteers,” she says of her time at the shelter a few years back. Today, she continues to carry out feline rescues with a close-knit group of selfless friends.

Photography: Bryan Foong/BF Studio; Art Direction: Audrey Chan; Hair: Ann Lin/Athens Salon; Makeup: Keith Bryant Lee, using Chanel Beauty