Emily Sim, 33

Emily Sim

Director of Panelogue, co-founder of Superstructure and executive committee member at Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC)

At the forefront of designing and building for tomorrow is Emily, who launched retailer- education platform Panelogue in 2016 to raise awareness of sustainably sourced building materials manufactured through innovative methods. In 2017, she followed with Superstructure, a prototype-to-product consultancy, workshop and rationalisation studio. In addition, she also currently heads SFIC’s design cluster for cross-industry collaborations.

Her entrepreneurial journey centres on developing the industry and people for the future, which strikes a chord with the pandemic bringing the fragility of supply chains, and the need for more sustainable consumption, to light. “I hope that Panelogue and Superstructure will be catalysts for change. For Panelogue, the end goal is making safe, sustainable and natural materials more widely accepted in the industry. Superstructure, on the other hand, is all about inspiring a new generation of designers, carpenters and makers.”

It was through her work in Panelogue that she learnt that design and make are divorced in the Singapore construction and furniture landscape. Superstructure’s investment in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) digital fabrication machines offers a new instrument in a designer’s toolbox. “It empowers us to turn digital into reality with control over quantity and accuracy of complex tasks and details.”

Superstructure’s flagship projects here includes an installation in Facebook Asia- Pacific headquarters and at the entrance of the PwC’s Experience Centre, but it is also making its mark overseas. “We’ve received a special commendation for the UOVO sensory pod we designed for individuals with autism at the INDE.Awards 2019, and we are currently completing an orchestral hall in Egypt.”


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