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Animals have been close to Anbarasi Boopal’s heart since her childhood, so it’s no surprise she desires to lend them a helping hand. As deputy chief executive at the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres), she is involved in training and managing the team, planning programmes, and liaising with external agencies. “Our work involves coming across a lot of cruelty, suffering and pain, as well as talking to individuals who may not have thought about the animals in their lives,” she shares.

Which is why Boopal hopes to educate the public on animal cruelty and how they can play their part to help. “There is an urgent need to change mindsets and the way we see nature,” she says. “We hope more people will be aware of how they can help animals directly through their lifestyle choices — from the food we eat and clothes we wear to entertainment we enjoy — by saying no to animal cruelty.”

Since joining Acres 12 years ago, Boopal has never looked back. Seeing the positive impact it has made on these creatures is worth it, she reveals. In 2017, the organisation helped over 3,600 animals in Singapore: “We managed to repatriate wild animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. Our animal crime investigation unit had successful operations jointly with enforcement agency AVA, apprehending several offenders who sold, trafficked or tried to trap wild animals for the illegal pet trade.”